Which tracker is for me?

Finding the correct tracker for your vehicle can be a stressful process, especially if said tracker needs to meet any specific requirements that have been set by your insurance company. To combat any confusion that might occur, Driveshield offers its customers a range of state-of-the-art vehicular tracking devices, including the latest Thatcham-approved S7 devices.

Now, you may be wondering what the difference is between the S7 and previous editions, such as the S5; Driveshield has compiled everything you need to know about all of the significant differences before purchasing your car tracker.


All S5 vehicle devices provide post-theft tracking and Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR). Features such as ADR, which is used to identify approved drivers, are often found within premium tracking devices. Additionally, these ADR identifiers often come as small tags which can be attached easily to the driver's car key. Any unauthorised vehicle movement will then result in an alert being sent out to the vehicle's owner.

Previously, the category five tracking devices needed remote electronic immobilisers to be fit for purpose. However, following changes in 2019, this is no longer mandatory. Now, all the former category fives are automatically compliant with the newest S5 category. In the event of vehicular theft, the S5 category also comes with Optional Immobilisation and a 24/7 Control Room Service. The immobilisation is no longer essential when choosing an S5 tracker; however, it can be selected as an optional security measure if you wish.

Additionally, with the 24-hour Control Room service, you can raise a police response as the control room operator guides dispatched officers directly to the vehicle location, with a recovery team similarly dispatched to your own location.


S7 Thatcham-approved devices are currently one of the more popular and in-demand vehicular tracking devices on the market. They are deemed the standard requirement for theft recovery systems. Using GPS tracking technology, these trackers are designed to detect vehicle movement, with the tracker sending an instant alert to the vehicle's owner with a precise location.

Additionally, unlike a standard-issue car alarm, these specific devices can recognise and report any suspicious or illegal behaviour when the vehicle in question slows or stops suddenly; they can detect signs of theft faster than ever before. Designed with advanced security features, the Thatcham-approved S7 trackers are an innovative way to increase vehicle safety and even your peace of mind.

The Differences Between Category S7 and S5 Trackers

These trackers share many similarities in their features, including motion detection, GPS Capabilities, and a 24-hour monitoring service. What sets the two apart, however, is the fact that the S5 tracker must have a driver identification device. Unlike the S5, the S7 cannot immobilise a stolen car from a different location.

Ultimately, the S7 is effective for drivers who wish for a simple solution when monitoring their vehicle. On the other hand, however, whilst a more expensive option compared to its counterpart, the S5 offers buyers more options regarding features and perks.


The difference between Thatcham S5 and S7 trackers is explained in this short video.