Dash Cams

A dash cam or witness camera can be a helpful tool in the event of a non-fault accident. Not only this, but dash cams can also help reduce your car insurance policy. Dash cams are quickly becoming a vital addition for drivers.


At Driveshield we offer a range of cameras to suit all drivers. All but our budget cameras are fleet quality and have all of the features to help protect you if ever you need to prove your innocence in court. Remember, we also have a team of installation specialists who will fit your dash cams for you.


Looking to purchase accessories and SD cards for your dash cam? Why not take a look at the full collection online today at Driveshield.


Please noe that we now supply the full range of THINK WARE dash cams

Find the one you want on google and contact us on 01642 608464 to get a cheaper price!!!!