The New Smartrack Thatcham S5 Tracker

The Standard S5 Thatcham Vehicle Tracker

The Smartrack S5 Thatcham tracker is the latest in state-of-the-art automobile tracking devices. This Smartrack S5 insurance-approved vehicle tracker is easier to use than ever before. There is no longer any need to carry the standard tracking fobs; now, your D-iD phone app acts as the driver identification system.

The Thatcham-approved tracker comes with many new features, including:

  • An S5 tracker that is linked to your phone. It remotely identifies you as the authorised driver, protecting you against theft methods such as key theft and relay crime.
  • The Smartrack S5 is an insurance company-approved tracking device. It has recently been tested and categorised to TQA standards and has a 24/7 monitoring service.
  • The Thatcham s5 location tracker uses GPS, GLONASS satellite networks, GPRS, and GSM technology to track and recover stolen vehicles.
  • The S5 Thatcham tracker is the latest iteration of the Thatcham CAT 5. It has an in-built battery backup system, ensuring your S5 Tracker will continue operating even if the power source is cut off.

Driver Recognition Vehicle Tracking System

Our qualified Thatcham engineers will carefully install the new S5 tracker. The vehicle tracking device is an effective deterrent against key theft, key cloning, and any keyless entry or theft. All of the Thatcham devices also come with DRS (Driver Recognition System) as standard.including two ID cards

The DRS features include:

  • If someone tries to start your car without using the cards, an alert is sent to the 24/7 control centre. This alert is triggered if your keys have been stolen.
  • We can install your system anywhere in the UK. Our large team of engineers covers all postcodes. Installation is typically completed within 1-3 working days.
  • . Driveshield will contact you to arrange a date and time for installation.
  • Smartrack will contact you after installation to set up your subscription and forward your insurance installation certificate.


If you need help deciding which tracker or vehicle security is for you, please contact us.


Thatcham Category Explained:

Thatcham rates car trackers, with the best being Category 5 (now Category S5 as of January 2019). CAT 5 (or S5) trackers are recommended for high-value automobiles such as supercars and SUVs.

Subscription Pricing (Including 'Free Live' Secure Online Account)

  • Annual UK & European Subscription £159 per year.
  • Two Years £269.00.
  • Three Years £369.00.
  • The duration of the payment subscription is £649*, including VAT.
  • Direct Debit monthly payment from £13.99 inc VAT.
  • Fully insurance company-approved CAT S5 Thatcham Car Tracker.
  • It will be installed at a convenient time, date and location.
  • Fitted by Authorised Thatcham Fitters.


Price: £489.00