Smartrack D-iD (S5 Thatcham Tracker)

The new SmarTrack S5 D-iD is a pioneering tracker that utilises your smartphone for driver identification, a feature that is unique to this product.

The SmarTrack D-iD system does not use regular driver ID tags. Instead, it uses your smartphone to confirm your identity as the driver of the vehicle.

The SmarTrack S5 D-iD by Global Telemetrics complies with Thatcham's most stringent insurance approval standards (category S5) and employs GPS/GLONASS, GPRS, and GPS tracking technology.

The S5 D-iD system has the typical features of an S5 tracking system. These features include 24/7 monitoring, battery support, and coverage across Europe.

Additionally, it offers excellent protection against modern theft methods. These vehicle security methods include key theft, key cloning, and relay theft. It also provides excellent protection against modern theft methods, including car key theft, car key cloning, and relay theft.

These are the key features of the SmarTrack S5 D-iD tracker currently available:

  • Insurance Authorised (Thatcham S5 category)
  • Fast installation available nationwide, typically completed within 1-3 days
  • Installers approved by Thatcham
  • Driver identification system utilizing your personal mobile device (D-iD™)
  • 24/7 control center
  • Coverage across Europe
  • Waterproof case with an IP67 rating
  • Backup battery included
  • Notifications for low battery levels
  • Alerts for motion detection
  • Alerts for battery disconnection
  • Access to the app and web platform
  • Tracking technology using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS, and GSM
  • Transferrable to your next vehicle
  • Optional remote immobilisation
  • 3 years device warranty
  • 12 & 24 volt compatible

For more information and FAQs about the Global Telemetrics' SmarTrack D-iD system, click here.

Subscription:(Including Secure Online Account and Guard and Recovery)


Below is a video of how the Thatcham tracking devices work to ensure your vehicle is recoverable if it has been stolen.

Direct Debit monthly payment – £13.99
Annual UK & European Subscription – £159 per year

Two Years £269.00

Three Years £369.00 
Duration payment subscription – £649.00


Subscription payments are made directly to SmarTrack on completion of installation.


Price: £449.00