Circuit Buddy Test probe

The Safety Probe is NOT a test light and need to
be used with your standard multi meter as a wire piercing probe

See a YouTube video here

The Circuit Buddy safety probe kit is designed to connect to your standard multi meter with 4mm connectors. The Circuit Buddy wire piercing probe provides a versatile usage for testing contact points and piercing wires while reducing damage to wires.

The unit it rated 5 Amp / 50 Volts (automotive use) and ideal for all tests e.g. ohm, volt and current draw up to 5 Amp. The kit includes a negative lead and crocodile clip to easily connect your multi meter to ground.

nique 2 in 1 design

For use with standard multi meter’s with 4mm connectors
Easily hook and pierce wires.

Apply the lock to retain hands free contact



Price: £24.95